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Little bit of cream on crust

Mountains of northern Utah reporting 1-4″ so far. A few additional showers today should bring up totals right into that 3-6″ range that was forecasted. Not enough for a powder day perhaps but your turns will be softer. As expected, southern Utah did better. Brian Head reporting 7″ of new snow this morning.

We clear out tomorrow with a break through Tuesday. Next storm drops into the region Wednesday and Thursday. Best energy drops south of the area in a split pattern.

Another break on Friday before yet another trough splits as it moves in next weekend.

So when will we see a non-splitting storm? Models hint at a wave holding together around Dec 24. Before you go around telling people we are going to have a white Christmas, at this point this is only speculative as it’s more than 10 days away. We will have to watch…




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